What are “Awesome Author Adventures?”

Awesome Author Adventures are what I call my visits to schools, libraries, and other facilities where I read my book “Munch’s Adventure” in a fun engaging way. I wear my “Healthy Snack Adventure Hat” to promote healthy snacks and have fun with the children. I have received so many comments “I liked your hat!”—It is my signature funny teaching tool! I read the book in a fun way and then have an engaging nutrition activity at the end of the story to go over healthy eating options. I also have incorporated other healthy lessons throughout the book such as not leaving home alone, looking before crossing the street, physical activity, and others that we discuss at the conclusion of the story too. The visits are a fun time for everyone and also a learning experience. I also donate 20% of the book proceeds to an organization to say thank you to others and help by giving back. I love doing “Awesome Author Adventures!” I was directed to the idea through Kim Norman and her Cool School Visits. Thank you Kim! You can get more information about doing these visits at http://coolschoolvisits.com/

I also enjoy visiting libraries and other events to sell “Munch’s Adventure.” I always give back to various organizations with the book proceeds as a way to fundraise and use it as a resource of giving to communities. I have contributed to libraries, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and the Salvation Army. I would love your help to keep the giving going!

Thank you!

My Mission/Vision

Enthusiastically promote (1) good nutrition and health concepts to children and their communities through engaging colorful (2) reading experiences with (3) monetary contributions to support organizations. Like the creation of a quilt, (inspired by my grandmother and her quilting) it starts with one piece of material.  With each stitch, each patch is connected to another and threaded together extending further and creating a greater work than just one patch alone.  Three Threads of Giving will “thread” connections together to enhance the lives of others in many different ways.  The more connections with these vital three actions, the more we can cover great distances in this world with caring, love, giving and joy for children.

My travels with Munch!

I started my traveling with Munch in 2016 and attended my local elementary schools with author visits (now known as Awesome Author Adventures!) to Sandycreek, Victory, and Central schools. I was at Grove City Community Library in 2016. I also attended an Early Childhood Summit at State College to introduce Munch across Pennsylvania. I had entry forms and drew a winner at the end of the Summit and the winner got to choose my 20% contribution to an organization of their choice. I donated 35 books to Shriner's Hospital of Erie. This happened through my local Kiwanis group as they purchased books for me to distribute as I saw fit. I currently have the book at one of our local businesses "Hatched." This year I attended Cranberry Area School District and Clarion-Limestone schools with my author visits. I love the visits and have so much fun! The kids and I have a good time and interact with each other. At Cranberry, I was also able to have a Parent Program with cooking demonstration---so much! This was my first time doing that. I want to keep this going!

Awesome Author Adventure at Clarion-Limestone

Visiting Clarion-Limestone Elementary March 2017

Two days--12 sessions! Pre-K through 6th grade!

Reading "Munch's Adventure"

Awesome Author Adventure at Cranberry

Cranberry Area School District Elementary School February 2017

One day--6 sessions!

Pointing to MyPlate as a teaching tool and wearing the Healthy Adventure Snack Hat!

Leana’s Books Author Day!

Leana's Books hosted an "Author Day" at the Hermitage Mall.  So much fun!  I met a lot of other authors out there doing "their thing" like me! I sold a few books and was able to donate more proceeds to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  This giving idea started a couple years ago.  I used the book as a resource to raise money to donate to Children's Hospital started as a means to help a little boy named Andrew and his family in his fight against neuroblastoma.  "Andrew's Avengers" was started by his family as a way to raise money to help his family in this terrible situation. Andrew fought long and hard through December 2016.  Andrew's Avengers continues in his memory and to help so many others dealing with the battle against cancer.  I will continue to support Andrew in his beautiful memory and help others. 

Early Childhood Summit 2016 at Penn State

Shriner’s Hospital of Erie

35 books donated!  Thank you Kiwanis!


A teaching tool in the book and during the author visits.

Grove City Community Library 2016

Set up a table to sell books and donate a portion of the proceeds to the library. Fun day at Christmas time!

Great day at the library!

Victorian Christmas Bazaar 2016





A portion of the book proceeds went to the Salvation Army!  I also had a drawing for a Subway gift card for those purchasing a book.  A young girl who bought a book with her own money won the gift card!  She was so excited!  Love it!


Books sold