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Munch's Adventure


Step inside these vividly colorful pages and enter the MyPlate neighborhood. Join Munch as he departs from his home on a quest for independence and exploration. Soon he is surrounded by threatening characters--is he destined to perish within the filthy grips of the villainous foods? Or is he rescued by his nutritious neighborhood? Who are these villains? Read on to find out what happens to Munch!

After the adventure comes to a close, the reader/narrator is presented with an outline summarizing lessons from the story for discussion at home, schools, or anywhere children read and learn. These lessons are not limited to nutrition and include other important lessons to the well-being of a young child. Additionally included are healthful tips provided by the ChooseMyPlate.gov website for a quick reference about healthy eating. We all face nutritional challenges (i.e. limiting saturated fats, avoiding trans fats, choosing a variety of foods from all food groups for an overall healthy lifestyle and limiting sweets)--these can be discussed with the younger audience for overall participation and learning.

So turn the page and enter the world of Munch's Adventure! ENJOY!

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